Accelerating Research on Consciousness: Request for Proposals

Funding Agency:
John Templeton Foundation

Templeton World Charity Foundation is interested in Consciousness as a foundational concept at the center of our experience and interaction with the world. Our Accelerating Research on Consciousness Initiative has made a substantial effort to further their field through best practices in open science and adversarial collaboration. To expand our support, we now issue this request for proposals (RFP) to fund a broader range of research projects in the field.

We seek to fund up to 15 projects that will produce new scientific evidence to further our understanding of consciousness.

We are particularly interested in basic science research rather than developing or testing interventions for physical or mental health. Our interests include generating new evidence to substantially oppose or support existing theories of consciousness, or developing new scientific tools or frameworks to study consciousness.

Submission deadline: Jan 28, 2022

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Amount Description

  • Maximum award amount

    • $200,000 direct costs + $30,000 indirect/overhead (This can contribute to direct costs if allowed by the institution.)

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Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences
Medical - Basic Science
Social Sciences

External Deadline

January 28, 2022