Advancing Research on Care and Outcome Measurement 3.0 (ARCOM)

Funding Agency:
Alzheimers Association

The ARCOM grant program aims to address significant gaps in care and outcome measurement, and provide an opportunity to advance research—including quantitative, qualitative and mixed methodological approaches—so that care providers can ensure that they are implementing evidence-based practices (using measures to guide care provision) and achieving desired outcomes (using measures to assess individuals living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia and the care partner outcomes). 

Work funded through ARCOM must directly advance research projects focused on development of new—and/or validation of previously developed—measures of care and outcomes where measurement gaps exist, and evaluate the use of such measures in improving care and outcomes across diverse and underrepresented populations and at different and stages of dementia, and in various settings. 

This grant is open to U.S. and international researchers.


  • Required Letter of Intent: Sep. 20, 2023
  • Application: Nov. 29, 2023

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Areas of Interest

Areas of focus are high-priority research areas in which the Alzheimer’s Association actively seeks proposals. These areas are defined broadly, and the examples cited are not intended to preclude or constrain other projects or proposals. Potential applicants are encouraged to submit proposals in their own areas of interest or formulate questions different from those presented in this announcement. Innovative and novel ideas to address challenges in research are the core of the Alzheimer’s Association’s research funding.

Central to all of our funding programs, the Alzheimer’s Association and Brain Canada Foundation are committed to closing the gap on issues that drive health disparities and to increasing diversity within research and clinical trials.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Research aimed to develop and evaluate quality metrics that are meaningful to persons living with dementia and their care partners across diverse populations, including measurement of care preferences, outcomes, and behavior change
  • Research focused on the development, application and evaluation of pragmatic and meaningful measures across systems of care (e.g., adult day, community dementia housing, hospital, long-term care), including measurement of care preferences, caregiving approaches, outcomes, and behavior change
  • Mixed methods research designed to develop new measures or evaluate existing measurements in service of the translation of interventions across populations, communities, and systems.
  • Measurement related to health equity and health disparities and research focused on increasing diversity within research and clinical trials to address equity outcomes
  • Research focused on the measurement of risk reduction, including measuring the risk, outcomes, and related perceptions
  • Proposals to develop novel methods of data collection or analysis that enhance the quality of new or existing measures
  • Proposals to develop novel measures, to validate previously developed measures or evaluate measures in diverse and underrepresented populations are highly encouraged, as are studies that focus on the inclusion of diverse and underserved populations 

Eligibility Requirements

In general, scientists and clinicians from public, private research laboratories, medical centers, non-profit research institutes, hospitals and universities from around the world are eligible to apply. State and federal government-appropriated laboratories in the U.S. and abroad and for-profit organizations are prohibited from serving as the lead applicant institution. For U.S. VA-based investigators, please work with your affiliated non-profit organization to apply. In other circumstances, state and federal government scientists can participate as collaborating scientists with research teams from other eligible applicant institutions.  



Funding Type





Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational
Social Sciences

External Deadline

September 20, 2023