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Posted: 2/14/2024

AES Research and Recognition Awards

Each year, the American Epilepsy Society presents five prestigious awards that recognize significant accomplishments, contributions, and service in the field of epilepsy by AES members and others.

These awards include:

  • Founders Award (formerly Lennox Award)
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • J. Kiffin Penry Award for Excellence in Epilepsy Care
  • Basic Science Research Award
  • Clinical Science Research Award

Deadline for Nominations: March 22, 2024

Areas of Interest
  • Founders Award
    Honors AES members who have a record of lifetime contributions and accomplishments related to epilepsy. The award is funded by the Lennox and Lombroso Trust for Research and Training, which was established in 1962 to advance and disseminate knowledge concerning epilepsy in all of its aspects—biological, clinical, and social—and to promote better care and treatment for persons with epilepsy. The award, formerly titled the Lennox Award, has been a top honor bestowed by AES since 1966.
  • Basic Science Research Award and Clinical Science Research Award
    Given annually to active scientists and clinicians working in all aspects of epilepsy research. The awards recognize professional excellence reflected in a distinguished history of research of important promise for the improved understanding and treatment of epilepsy.
  • J. Kiffin Penry Award for Excellence in Epilepsy Care
    Established in 1997 in honor of Dr. Penry’s lifelong focus on advancing epilepsy care and awareness, this award recognizes individuals (members or non-members) whose work in the clinical care of patients, scholarly/educational activities, and mentorship have had a major impact in improving the quality of life for persons with epilepsy. The award was initially funded with a gift from Abbott Laboratories and has been continually supported through the J. Kiffin Penry Fund of AES. 
  • AES Distinguished Service Award
    Honors AES member volunteers whose exemplary service to AES has advanced the mission of AES and strengthened the field of epilepsy. Established in 1993, members in any category—including advocates and those in other non-medical or non-scientific roles—are eligible for this award. 
Eligibility Requirements

Any individual holding a professional degree and whose research impacts on any aspect of epilepsy is eligible for these awards.

  • There is no geographic restriction. Nominations from outside the U.S. and North America are welcome.
  • Nominations of women and members of minority groups are especially encouraged.
  • Nominee must be at least at level of Associate Professor or Professor.
  • A strong preference will be given to members of the Society
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