Agriculture and Food Research Initiative - Food Security Challenge Area

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US Department of Agriculture

The AFRI Food Security Challenge Area focuses on the societal challenge to keep American agriculture competitive and end world hunger by ensuring the availability and accessibility of safe and nutritious food. The long-term goal of the AFRI Food Security Challenge Area is to sustainably increase agricultural productivity and the availability and accessibility of safe and nutritious food. Project types supported within this Challenge Area will propose multi-function Integrated Research, Education, and/or Extension Projects, Food and Agricultural Science Enhancement (FASE) Grants, and conferences and/or workshop.

Deadline: Jul. 7, 2016

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Areas of Interest

Transformative science is necessary to address urgent current challenges in production agriculture and to provide breakthroughs for ensuring sustainable production of safe, nutritious food to meet future demands. Globally, food production needs to increase substantially to feed 9.5 billion people in 2050, with a significant proportion of this increased food production occurring in the U.S. The escalating global demand for food, especially for animal protein, provides enhanced opportunities for American agricultural producers. In FY 2016, applications are solicited under the following two Program Area Priorities, representing two critical needs for meeting the food security challenge:

  • New Frontiers in Pollinator Health: From Research to Application
  • Breeding and Phenomics of Food Crops and AnimalsĀ 

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Curriculum Development
Environmental & Life Sciences
Social Sciences

External Deadline

July 7, 2016