Agroforestry Outreach—Request for Proposals 2021

Funding Agency:
US Department of Agriculture

The U.S. Forest Service (Forest Service) requests proposals to substantially expand and accelerate the availability of science-based information to inform landowner decisions on the adoption and design of agroforestry systems.

Proposals awarded under this announcement will create educational and outreach materials that support agroforestry.

Deadline: May 28, 2021

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Areas of Interest

The Forest Service seeks proposals to create regionally-applicable and practice-specific agroforestry educational materials. These materials will support natural resource professionals in assisting landowners and producers with different levels of interest and commitment in implementing an agroforestry practice. This year’s funding opportunity focuses on practices and regions where NAC would like to increase available information. Applicants are required to select at least one of the following options:

A. Incorporating trees, shrubs, and other plants in windbreaks that provide an additional source of income in any region.

B. Incorporating trees, shrubs, and other plants in riparian forest buffers that provide an additional source of income in any region.

C. Alley cropping outside of the midwest.

D. Silvopasture operations in any region that use livestock other than cattle.

E. Silvopasture operations with any type of livestock in the southwest.

F. Forest farming (multi-story cropping) in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands, upper midwest, or west.

This Request for Proposals focuses on the USDA National Agroforestry Center goals:

1. Increase the understanding and adoption of agroforestry

2. Provide educational materials and training on agroforestry

3. Develop technologies and tools in support of agroforestry

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants are for-profit entities; State, local, and Tribal governments; not-forprofit organizations; and institutions of higher education.

Applicants must match the Forest Service requested funds, 1:1. For every $1 of Federal funding requested, applicants must provide at least $1 in match. For example, if the requested Federal amount is $50,000, the applicant match must be at least $50,000. The applicant’s match must come from non-Federal sources. The match may include cash or in-kind contributions. All matching funds must be directly related to the proposed project. Please note: Applicants must submit letters of support from any third-party organizations confirming the amount of cash or in-kind services to be provided.



Amount Description

Awards are anticipated to be up to $100,000, with a minimum of $35,000 for any one project. 

Funding Type





Community Outreach and Engagement
Environmental & Life Sciences

External Deadline

May 28, 2021