Alternative (non-quaternary ammonium) anti-microbial actives for cleaning and disinfection

Funding Agency:
Clorox Company

For over 100 years, The Clorox Company has been making innovative products that generations of people around the world trust to make their lives and the world a little bit better. Throughout our history, we’ve been guided by our values, which include a deep commitment to doing the right thing in business, for our people, for the planet and for our communities. That’s the cornerstone of our long- term success and the foundation for our future growth.

Although most known for bleach, Clorox provides a wide variety of home and professional cleaning products that provide disinfection and sanitization benefits, including sprays, wipes, and laundry products. Quaternary Ammonium compounds (“Quats”) have historically been widely used in the cleaning industry due to their efficacy and formulation flexibility. Clorox’s commitment to responsibility means that we are continually searching for actives that can provide equivalent performance and formula flexibility, with improved human-friendly and planet-friendly characteristics. There is growing consumer interest in sustainability and more gentle cleaning products, and Clorox is committed to meeting those emerging consumer needs. And it is important that these human-friendly and planet-friendly solutions provide parity disinfection (contact time) and broad cleaning benefits (removal of greasy soils).

Clorox is seeking new anti-microbial active ingredients with exemplary human safety and environmental sustainability profiles for use in a broad range of consumer disinfecting cleaning products. Technologies will be assessed against quaternary ammonium compounds as an industry benchmark for anti-microbial efficacy, formulation flexibility, sustainability, and regulatory requirements.

Deadline: May 31, 2022




Engineering and Physical Sciences

External Deadline

May 31, 2022