Alzheimer’s Association Clinician Scientist Fellowship (AACSF) Program

Funding Agency:
Alzheimers Association

The areas of research that a clinician scientist proposes for funding through the AACSF grant program are not limited to patient-oriented, human subject research, but may also include translational research specifically designed to develop treatments or enhance diagnosis of neurological disease. These translational areas of research include epidemiologic or behavioral studies, clinical trials, studies of disease mechanisms, mapping disease features or spread the development of new technologies and health services and outcomes research.

Disease related basic science studies not directly involving humans or human tissue are also encouraged if the primary goal is the development of therapies, diagnostic tests, or other tools to prevent or mitigate neurological diseases.

This grant is open to U.S. and international researchers.

Letter of Intent deadline: Feb. 28, 2024; Sep. 6, 2023

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Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be clinicians (clinical fellows, postdoctoral fellows through assistant professors; or equivalent positions) interested in an academic career who have:

  • Full-time positions at an recognized non- academic institution  and
  • Less than 18 years of research experience after receipt of their terminal degree (Ph.D, MD/DO or Residency) and
  • Licensure for clinical practice. 

Amount Description

Each AACSF award is limited to $250,000. Component parts of the award include:

  • A total of $230,000 will be awarded for costs related to the proposed research for up to three years (minimum 2 years = $200,000) for direct (including travel) and indirect costs. Requests in any given year may not exceed $100,000 (direct and indirect costs). Indirect costs are capped at 10 percent of total direct costs and are inclusive of indirect costs for the implementing institution as well as any to subcontracts.
  • A total of $7,500 over a three year period may be requested for travel purposes and is not to exceed $5,000 in any given year. If you request the full $7,500 towards just two years of travel and are requesting a three year award you will not be able to request travel funds for one of those years.
  • The remaining funds are two $10,000 research stipends ($10,000 to the applicant and $10,000 to the primary mentor), which are not guaranteed and are awarded only upon successful completion of the award. Successful completion of the award includes, but is not limited to, successfully achieving project aims and accomplishing all of the Fellowship benchmarks. These research stipends are to be applied to sustaining ongoing research in the Alzheimer’s field and will be paid to the applicant‘s and mentor‘s respective institutions at the time of release.

Funding Type



Junior Faculty
Post Doctoral Fellows


Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

February 28, 2024