American Roentgen Ray Society Scholarship

Funding Agency:
American Roentgen Ray Society

The ARRS Scholarship supports study in a field selected by the Scholar that will enable the Scholar to attain his/her professional career goal with the possibility of changing the way radiology is practiced. By giving both recognition and financial support to the activities and studies of young radiologists, the ARRS helps prepare them for positions of leadership in academic radiology. The ARRS Scholarship is funded through The Roentgen Fund® of the ARRS.

Medical schools, affiliated hospitals, and clinical research institutions with interests in training and research in diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, the basic sciences, or professions fundamental to imaging techniques are invited to submit one nomination annually.

The ARRS Roentgen Fund Board of Trustees may select up to one $140,000 award annually. The Scholar may choose a one-year program requiring a minimum 80 percent time commitment, or a two-year program requiring a minimum 50 percent time commitment. The funds may be used for salary support, for scholarship-related travel costs, toward the support of the Scholar's study, including for study outside the parent institution, or in a way that will contribute to the Scholar’s development and advancement as an academic faculty member.

The scholarship funds will be paid to the Scholar's department for funding to the recipient. In this way, the ARRS shares the responsibility with the medical institution for the Scholar's development. Payments will be made semi-annually on July 1 and January 1 for one-year scholarships, or annually on July 1 for two-year scholarships.

Only one candidate per department per institution is eligible to apply each year.


  • Duke Internal Deadline:September 3, 2018
  • Sponsor Deadline: October 8, 2018

If the internal deadline has passed and you are interested in this opportunity, please email Anastasia Maddox at to find out if it is still open.

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Eligibility Requirements

  1. ARRS member.
  2. Earned MD or DO from an accredited institution.
  3. Completion of all required residency or fellowship training or equivalent.
  4. Only one candidate per department per institution is eligible to apply each year.
  5. A full-time faculty appointment as a lecturer, instructor, assistant professor or equivalent for no more than five years beyond completion of training. The appointment must be in a department of radiology, nuclear medicine, or an associated department in the radiological sciences of a medical school teaching hospital in the United States or Canada.
  6. Certification by the American Board of Radiology or equivalent.
  7. Letter of nomination by the department chair, including a commitment of a minimum of 80% of the nominee's time to the scholarship program for a one-year program, or minimum of 50% of the nominee's time for a two-year program.
  8. The candidate must be a member of the ARRS at the time the application is submitted and for the duration of the award.     



Funding Type





Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

Internal Nomination

Owing to the sponsor's restriction on the number of applications that may be submitted from Duke, anyone wishing to pursue nomination should submit the following materials as one PDF.

* A letter of support from dean or chair - 1 to 1.5 pages
* Project summary - 2 to 4 pages
* Curriculum vitae including details of any other current or pending salary support

Applicants will need to submit internal materials through My Research Proposal.(Code ILN)

Instructions for setting up your account and uploading internal applications can be found here: Instructions_FINAL.pdf

Internal Deadline

September 3, 2018

External Deadline

October 8, 2018