Funding Agency:
X PRIZE Foundation

The $10 million ANA Avatar XPRIZE is a four-year competition focused on accelerating the integration of emerging and exponential technologies into a multipurpose avatar system that will seamlessly transport human skills and experience to the exact location where and when they are needed. 

We can envision avatars taking on many different forms and being used in numerous scenarios. For example: 
- Providing care, instantly, regardless of distance. 
- Disaster relief - transporting critical life-saving skills in real-time to remote, disaster struck areas where it is too dangerous for humans to go. 
- Multipurpose utility - providing unique services or rare trade skills for critical maintenance or repairs. 

All registered teams must submit a detailed competition plan describing how they will develop their avatar solution. The Judging Panel will select up to 25 qualified teams to enter the Main Competition. 

Deadline for Registration: Sept. 30, 2019

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Eligibility Requirements

XPRIZE believes that solutions can come from anyone, anywhere. Scientists, engineers, academics, entrepreneurs, and other innovators with new ideas from all over the world are invited to form a team and register to compete. 

Funding Type



Grad/Prof Students


Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences
Social Sciences

External Deadline

September 30, 2019