Annual Conservation Grants

Funding Agency:
Disney Conservation Fund

The wellbeing of people is deeply connected to the health of the planet. That’s why the Disney Conservation Fund grants support projects with a holistic approach to conservation – blending both scientific research and community engagement to protect wildlife and their habitats.

Each organization is limited to one project application for each of the six (6) following geographic regions: Africa, Asia, Central/South America, Europe/Middle East/Australia, Marine, and North America (see page three for priorities within each region). For universities, the same statement above applies to each university department. Please see the table on page three for additional details about Disney’s priorities within these regions. Large organizations are responsible for self-governing to ensure no more than one proposal per geographic region is submitted. If you have questions about which area your project may fall, please contact

To ensure that only one proposal per geographic region is submitted from Duke, please email with your intent to apply.

John Poulsen of NSOE has been approved to apply for the following geographic region for the 2021 cycle: AFRICA

Inquiries for the next grant cycling are now being accepted and are due by October 15, 2021 11:59pm EDT.

Agency Website

Eligibility Requirements

We encourage scientists, students and institutions to work with nonprofit organizations to apply. Only charitable organizations may apply, and organizations must meet eligibility requirements (see #5).

Colleges and universities should apply either through or in conjunction with their school’s foundation or in partnership with another non-profit organization. We accept applications from Ph.D. level faculty focused on long term conservation programs. Graduate students can be involved in the project but cannot be the primary investigator. Please see #13 for more information on how many project proposals can be submitted by each school.



Amount Description

The DCF will consider requests for a maximum of $50,000 to be provided over a grant period of two years.

Funding Type





Environmental & Life Sciences

External Deadline

October 15, 2021