Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 6/3/2024

Archival Projects

The NHPRC seeks archival projects that will significantly improve online public discovery and use of historical records collections. We welcome projects that engage the public, expand civic education, and promote understanding of the nation’s history, democracy, and culture from the founding era to the present day. The Commission encourages projects focused on collections of America’s early legal records, such as the records of colonial, territorial, county, and early statehood and tribal proceedings that document the evolution of the nation’s legal history. 

Collections that center the voices and document the history of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are especially welcome. In addition, with the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of , Independence approaching, the Commission is particularly interested in projects that promote discovery and access to collections that explore the ideals behind our nation’s founding and the continuous debate over those ideals to the present day. 

Projects may preserve and process historical records to:

  • Arrange or re-house and describe collections
  • Convert existing description for online access
  • Create new online Finding Aids to collections
  • Digitize historical records collections and make them freely available online

All types of historical records are eligible, including documents, photographs, born-digital records, and analog audio and moving images.


  • Draft Deadline (optional): August 15, 2024
  • Final Deadline: November 7, 2024
Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants:

  • Nonprofit organizations or institutions
  • Colleges, universities, and other academic institutions
  • State or local government agencies
  • Federally-acknowledged or state-recognized Native American tribes or groups
Amount Description

A grant is for one or two years and for up to $150,000. The Commission expects to make up to 12 grants in this category for a total of up to $1,200,000. The Commission requires that grant recipients acknowledge NHPRC grant assistance in all publicity, publications, and other products that result from its support.

The total costs of a project are shared between the NHPRC and the applicant organization.

Cost sharing is required. The applicant's financial contribution may include both direct and indirect expenses, in-kind contributions, non-Federal third-party contributions, and any income earned directly by the project. NHPRC grant recipients are not permitted to use grant funds for indirect costs (as indicated in 2 CFR 2600.101). Indirect costs must be listed under the applicant's cost sharing contribution.

The Commission provides no more than 75 per cent of total project costs in the  Archival Projects category. For example, a grant funds request of $150,000 will require $50,000 from the applicant institution, for a total project cost of $200,000.

Funding Type