Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 3/28/2024

Arts and Sciences Council Committee on Faculty Research - Faculty Research Grants

The Arts and Sciences Council Committee on Faculty Research is pleased to invite grant applications to support faculty research. Grant funds are limited. These grants are designed to provide seed money for pilot research, fund project write-ups, or underwrite components of larger projects that might be difficult to fund.


The deadline for receipt of applications is April 8, 2024 (was March 29).

Eligibility Requirements
  • All faculty in departments or programs in Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply, whether regular rank or non-regular rank. For clarity, the qualifying titles of regular rank and non-regular rank faculty are listed here.
  • Priority will be given to faculty who did not receive a grant during the previous year.
  • Owing to budgetary constraints, emeritus faculty and postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for research grants at this time.
Amount Description
  • The maximum award in the A&S Council Facuty Research Grant program is $5,000. You may request any amount up to this maximum, as appropriate to budgetary requirements of your project.
  • Carry-over of grant funds to the next fiscal year is permitted only in exceptional circumstances, which must be requested in writing.
  • Grant funds may not be transferred to any other research project.
  • Expenditures on the grant are limited to those items on the original application budget and may be reviewed.