ASPCA Research Grants

Funding Agency:
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

ASPCA research grants develop cutting-edge knowledge in animal welfare. We fund high-quality research across a variety of disciplines and methods that has clear potential to benefit animals, either directly or through effecting systems-level change. Proposals to extend studies focused on other disciplines to include animal welfare will also be considered if they can be clearly demonstrated to have substantial potential benefit to animals.

Deadline: June 30, 2024

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Areas of Interest


Cruelty Research: Proposals that address animal cruelty from any angle or relevant discipline (e.g., public policy, law, criminal justice, criminology, veterinary forensics, community engagement, prevention/intervention, human behavior change). Of particular interest is research that analyzes the effectiveness of legislative and other policy measures designed to prevent and/or respond to cruelty. Also of interest is research that heightens awareness of animal cruelty and builds knowledge that informs and engages key community stakeholders and allied professionals in preventing and responding to this animal welfare issue. 

Access to Veterinary Care (AVC) Research: Proposals that address AVC from any angle (e.g., medical, legal, AVC impact, program delivery, community engagement, veterinary engagement). Ideally, the research will establish tools or guidelines to improve access to veterinary care.

Applied Behavior Research: Proposals that inform the development or refinement of evidence-based shelter behavior protocols. Proposed research should address specific behavior concerns in shelter populations that lead to euthanasia, rather than general management protocols. 

Psychological Trauma Research: Proposals related to developing novel approaches to the documentation of animal cruelty and neglect in the absence of physical trauma. Proposals are encouraged from any relevant discipline (e.g. physiology, psychology, ethology). Of particular interest is research that focuses on objective measures, including biomarkers and quantitative behavioral phenotyping.

Farm Animal Welfare Research: Research related to animal welfare conditions in the largest U.S. poultry industries that produce broiler chickens, egg-laying hens, and turkeys.

Eligibility Requirements

Investigators and/or research teams affiliated with US public or private entities such as universities, colleges, government agencies, veterinary hospitals and clinics, animal welfare organizations, and other organizations. This opportunity is also available to Canadian registered public universities and qualified municipalities/public bodies that can demonstrate the applicability of the research to improve the welfare of animals in the U.S.

Applications from individuals will not be accepted.

Amount Description

The total funding amount available for these opportunities is $440,000. 

The maximum individual grant amounts for each research area are $20,000 (Psychological Trauma Research), $40,000 (Applied Behavior Research), $50,000 (Access to Veterinary Care Research and Cruelty Research), and $30,000 (Farm Animal Welfare Research). Applications for amounts under the maximum amount are encouraged and will be assessed on an impact-for-cost basis.

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Environmental & Life Sciences
Social Sciences

External Deadline

June 30, 2024