Authority to Accept Unsolicited Proposals for Research Partnerships

Funding Agency:
Department of Housing and Urban Development

This Notice announces that HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) has the authority to accept unsolicited research proposals that address current research priorities. In accordance with statutory requirements, the research proposals must be submitted by eligible applicants and provide cost sharing of at least 50 percent of total project cost from philanthropic entities or Federal, state, or local government agencies. This Notice announces that HUD is accepting research proposals for such research partnerships and provides a general description of information that should be included in any research proposal.

Unsolicited proposal - A valid unsolicited proposal must: (1) Be innovative; (2) Be independently originated and developed by the offeror; (3) Be prepared without Federal Government supervision, endorsement, direction, or direct Federal Government involvement; (4) Include sufficient detail to permit a determination that Federal Government support could be worthwhile and the proposed work could benefit the agency's research and development or other mission responsibilities; (5) Include sufficient detail to permit a determination that the Federal Government's support would yield a valuable return on investment; (6) Not be an advance proposal for a known agency requirement that can be acquired by competitive methods; (6) Not be a result of a previous competitive announcement; and (7) Not be a concept paper.

HUD developed the Research Partnerships vehicle to allow greater flexibility in addressing evidence gaps concerning strategic policy questions and to better utilize external expertise in evaluating effectiveness of programs affecting residents of urban, suburban, rural, and tribal areas, as well as local innovations in the delivery of these programs. Through the effective period of this Notice, HUD can accept unsolicited research proposals that address current research priorities and allow innovative research projects that could inform HUD’s policies and programs. Applicants are encouraged to submit research proposals that inform important policy and program objectives of HUD that are not otherwise being addressed, that focus on one of HUD’s research priorities, and that make effective use of HUD’s funding.

DATES: Proposals may be submitted at any time and will be evaluated as they are received. Available funds will be awarded as proposals are received, evaluated, and approved, until funds are exhausted.

Expiration Date: Dec. 30, 2022

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants under this Notice include philanthropic entities, other Federal agencies, State or local governments and their agencies, Indian Tribes, tribally designated housing entities, or colleges or universities located in the United States. Financial proposals may not include a line for profit because successful applicants may not earn profit under their financial arrangements with HUD. Individuals are not eligible.

Amount Description

HUD is making up to $2 million available for Lead and Healthy Homes Research Partnerships as described in Section I.B, Research Priorities 5 and 6, and approximately $1 million available for Research Partnerships for other topics as described in Section I.B. If HUD’s review of proposals for either Research Partnerships category does not result in the selection of eligible proposals that would use the entire allotment, the Agency will reallot the unused funds for other purposes authorized under the respective appropriations. Additional funds may become available for award. Use of these funds might be subject to statutory constraints or other requirements. All awards are subject to the funding restrictions contained in this notice.

There are no minimum or maximum award amounts. A notification will be sent to applicants that request funding in amounts exceeding the remaining available funds; the notification will say that the proposal could be funded contingent upon funding in a future funding year or that the applicant can revise the proposal to apply for a reduced amount for up to the remaining available funds.

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Community Outreach and Engagement
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences
Social Sciences

External Deadline

December 30, 2022