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Materials Research Society

The MRS Awards Program strives to acknowledge outstanding contributors to the progress of materials research and to recognize their exciting and profound accomplishments. We seek to honor those whose work has already had a major impact in the field, those who have defined the frontiers of the field, those who are outstanding exponents of their science and those young researchers whose work already leads to great expectations for future leadership.

Not only do we honor the award recipients, we also believe that by highlighting these leaders in our field and their creative work, we will enrich the awareness of the progress and diversity of materials research, both within the materials community and the wider community at large.

The Materials Research Society strives to uphold and embody equality in all areas including gender, institutional, educational, racial, ethnic and geographic diversity of its members. MRS is committed to being inclusive and believes that MRS Award nominees and recipients should be broadly reflective of our overall membership. Therefore, when making nominations for MRS Awards, we encourage you to consider scientists from ALL demographic backgrounds and geographic regions.


  • Fall Awards: May¬†1
  • Spring Awards: Aug. 1

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Grad/Prof Students
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Engineering and Physical Sciences

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August 1, 2023