Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 9/18/2023

AXA Chair

The AXA Research Fund was launched in 2007 to support science in its crucial role in responding to the most important issues facing our planet. AXA's scientific philanthropic initiative is committed to supporting science, contributing to societal progress and encouraging researchers to share their work with the larger public to inform public decision-making. The AXA Research Fund supports projects in the areas of Health, Environment, and Socio-Economics.

The AXA Chair is a highly selective funding scheme intended to support a significant step change in the development of a research area within a host Institution and to contribute in a distinctive way to the development of that area in line with the Institution’s long-term strategy. It aims at creating a full-time academic position in the host Institution and fostering a step-change in the career of the appointed AXA Professor. The host Institution must intend to create a permanent full-time position.

Institutions can submit only one candidate. Interested applicants from within Duke should contact fundopps@duke.edu as early as possible.


  • Required Expression of Interest: Oct. 5, 2023
  • Full Application: Nov. 21, 2023
Areas of Interest


Health  • Artificial intelligence, data science & machine learning applied to health  • Climate change & health • Demographics, longevity, and aging • Efficiency of healthcare systems • Infectious diseases & epidemics  • Management of chronic & non- communicable diseases  • Mental health • Micro and nano plastics & their effects on human health • Robotics & automation applied to health  • Well-being, prevention, & personalized health 

Environment • Artificial intelligence, data science & machine learning applied to environment  • Biodiversity & natural capital • Climate change & climate migration • Climate change & health • Natural catastrophes • Pollution • Responsible investment strategies & sustainable finance • Robotics, automation applied to climate and environment • Sustainable resource management / Sustainable cities 

Socioeconomics • Artificial intelligence, data science & machine learning applied to socioeconomics • Behavioral economics • Blockchain  • Cyber risk & protection • Economic and social inclusion • Financial risk modeling • Geopolitics  • Inclusive finance • Robotics, automation applied to socioeconomics • Social & financial inclusion • Systemic risk • The macroeconomic & societal role of insurance 

Eligibility Requirements

The AXA Research Fund partners with academic institutions only. NGOs, governmental, bodies and museums are not eligible for AXA funding.

Host Institutions must be registered in the AXA Research Fund’s database. To register, please click on the following link and follow the instructions: https://institution.axaresearch.org/

Institutions can host several Chairs if they are not carried out by the same department or laboratory within the Institution.

The Chairholder is expected to be of the highest caliber, as evidenced by the standard indicators for assessing academic excellence: publications in first-rate journals, international stature and network. The profile of the candidate should be at least PhD+10 years from PhD defense date to the time of application. The AXA Chairholder is expected to spend his/her full time in the Host Institution, and his/her publications will be issued in the name of the Host Institution during the chair duration. Strong preference will be given to Institutions hiring a Chairholder from another Institution. AXA Chairs are not intended to substitute for an internal promotion.

Amount Description

Up to 200.000€ per year for 5 years maximum