Basic Neurodevelopmental Biology of Circuits and Behavior (R01, R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Funding Agency:
National Institutes of Health

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) encourages research projects focused on the dynamic and mechanistic links between the maturation of brain circuits and behaviors across development in rodents and non-human primates. The goal is to build a foundation for understanding how interactions within and among brain regions change over pre- and post-natal development, allowing for the emergence of cognitive, affective and social behaviors. To this end, projects supported will focus on neurodevelopmental trajectories and investigate questions using in vivo neural measures in awake, behaving animals. This FOA uses the R01 grant mechanism, whereas its companion FOA, PAR-22-067, seeks shorter, higher-risk R21 grant applications.

Application Due Date(s): Feb. 5, Jun. 5, Oct. 5


PAR-22-066 Expiration Date January 8, 2025

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Amount Description

Application budgets are limited to $500,000 direct costs, annually.
The scope of the proposed project should determine the project period. The maximum project period is 5 years.

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Environmental & Life Sciences
Medical - Basic Science

External Deadline

February 5, 2024