Bayada Awards for Technological Innovation in Nursing Education and Practice

Funding Agency:
Drexel University

The BAYADA Awards for Technological Innovation in Health Care Education and Practice, created in 2004 by BAYADA Home Health Care, recognizes healthcare providers who have made significant contributions to education or practice through the development or adoption of new technologies.

The judges will consider the technology's innovativeness and its impact on health care education or direct patient care. The innovation must be new and be in use for six months or longer prior to submission of application. Applications must be submitted under one of the two categories listed below.  Individual and Team submissions are welcome.

The categories for submission include:

  • Patient Care: Improving efficiency of health care delivery, preventing/decreasing errors and improving outcomes; or
  • Health Care Education (both didactic and clinical): Innovation in curricular delivery methods, improving student competency and learning outcomes.

Deadline: Apr. 1, 2019

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Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical - Clinical Science
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External Deadline

April 1, 2019