Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 3/6/2024

Bayer Crop Science -- Automated plant tissue sampling in the greenhouse

Bayer Crop Science seeks partners from academia, with innovative solutions to enable automated plant tissue sampling in the greenhouse environment. Specifically seeking programable and autonomous robotic technology that can navigate a greenhouse, identify plant to be sampled, identify tissue to be sampled, take sample, and deliver into container for downstream processing.  

Ideal partners would from academic or corporate settings, but not necessary having expertise in agriculture.

What we're looking for

  1. Ready-to-deploy technology with existing end-to-end proof of concept with plants in a greenhouse.
  2. Autonomous robotic tech that can navigate indoor environments for other purposes that could be developed to this aim.
  3. Outside the box solutions that achieve the same end result but that do not rely on autonomous robot.
  4. Experts in greenhouse automation design and engineering

Deadline: April 30, 2024

Amount Description

Up to $100,000 for a proof-of-concept, with additional potential funding for further development.

Funding Type