Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 2/1/2023

Bayer Crop Science -- Grants4Ag 2023: Transformative approaches for next-gen Crop Protection

Weeds, disease, and harmful insects rob plants of water, sunlight, and nutrients, which can have a devastating impact on food production. At Bayer, we bring greater than a century of research to manage these global challenges, and we want you to help us find the next exciting class of crop protection products. 

We are interested in collaborating to identify novel starting points for crop science R&D, which includes finding tool compounds that could unlock new modes of action for control of fungal diseases, insect pests, or weeds as well as reducing the environmental impact of future products. 

Through our Grants4Ag program, we offer unrestricted funding and focused guidance toward discovering new molecular targets for fungicide, pesticide or herbicide research as well as delivery mechanisms or formulations for novel active ingredients.

Deadline: March 31, 2023

Areas of Interest

Solutions of interest include:

  • Novel biochemical or structural targets that could inhibit key pathways in plants, insects or fungi.
  • Innovative methods to deliver active ingredients to plant or pathogen-based systems.

Our must-have requirements are:

  • Submissions must include a hypothesis for an effect that can be tested experimentally.

What's out of scope:

  • Compounds with known or expected biological activity (please submit to our Testing4Ag program).
Amount Description

Funding is proposal-dependent and typically ranges from $5,000-$15,000. Prior recipients have used the funding for research, personnel, equipment and other purchase. Indirect costs are not included.

Funding Type