Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 2/1/2023

Bayer Crop Science -- Testing4Ag: Novel compounds for early biological screening cascades

Weeds, disease, and harmful insects rob plants of water, sunlight, and nutrients, which can have a devastating impact on food production. At Bayer, we bring greater than a century of research withto manage these global challenges, and we want you to help us find the next exciting class of crop protection products. We are interested in collaborating to identify novel starting points for our R&D teams, find tool compounds that could unlock new modes of action for control of fungal diseases, insect pests, or weeds and reduce the environmental impact of future products.  

Through our Testing4Ag program, we offer testing of your compounds against plant pathogens, weed species, insect and nematode pests or vectors using our state-of-the-art phenotypical biological assays on whole organisms. Upon submission, our computational screens will confirm that your compounds are appropriate for evaluation. Selection will be based on novelty, PhysChem properties, and sustainability e.g., human or environmental safety alerts. To complete the initial screening steps, we will request a sample of at least 5 mg. Free shipping of compounds to Bayer as well as packing materials will be provided.  

Results of biological tests will be shared with you and can be freely published. Any IP generated in the program will stay with you and your institution.

Deadline: March 31, 2023

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