Behavioral Economics

Funding Agency:
Russell Sage Foundation

The Russell Sage Foundation's program on Behavioral Economics supports novel research that uses insights and methods from psychology, economics, sociology, political science and other social sciences to examine and improve social and living conditions in the United States. We seek investigator-initiated research proposals that will broaden our understanding of the social, economic and political consequences of actual behaviors and decisions.

RSF is especially interested in research at the intersection of behavioral economics and behavioral sciences and its other programs—Future of WorkRace, Ethnicity and ImmigrationSocial Inequality. Priority will be given to field experiments, as opposed to lab experiments. Projects that can contribute to a more unified theory of human behavior to eventually eliminate the distinction between behavioral economics and the rest of economics are also of interest.

Deadlines for Letters of Inquiry:  May 21, 2020; Aug. 20, 2020; Nov. 26, 2019

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Areas of Interest

  • Choice Architecture
  • Time Preferences
  • Poverty, Inequality and Mobility
  • Labor Markets
  • Racial and Ethnic Bias
  • Public Finance

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Social Sciences

External Deadline

May 21, 2020