Berlin Prize -- Fellowships to Study in Berlin, Germany

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American Academy in Berlin

Each year, the American Academy in Berlin welcomes around twenty fellows, who support our mission to enrich transatlantic dialogue in the arts, humanities, and public policy through the development and communication of projects of the highest scholarly merit. Past recipients have included anthropologists, art historians, literary scholars, philosophers, historians, musicologists, journalists, writers, filmmakers, sociologists, legal scholars, diplomats, economists, and public policy experts, among others.

For all projects, the Academy asks that candidates explain the relevance of a stay in Berlin to the development of their work.

Please note that artists, composers, and poets are invitation-only competitions.

Deadline: Sep. 29, 2023

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Eligibility Requirements

Academy fellows are comprised of established and emerging scholars, writers, and professionals who wish to engage in independent study. Berlin Prizes have been awarded to historians, economists, filmmakers, art historians, journalists, legal scholars, musicologists, public-policy experts, and writers, among others. They are appointed by an independent selection committee.

Fellowships are restricted to candidates based permanently in the United States. Limited periods spent outside the US, such as sabbatical, foreign assignment for American publications, etc., must be explained on the application. US citizenship is not required. American expatriates are not eligible.

Candidates in academic disciplines are expected to have completed a doctorate at the time of application. Applicants working in most other fields—such as journalism, filmmaking, or public policy—must have equivalent professional degrees. Writers must have published at least one book at the time of application.

Candidates should explain how their projects will benefit from a residency in Berlin, but they need not be working on German topics.

The Academy does not accept project proposals in mathematics or the natural sciences. Candidates in the visual arts, music composition and poetry are chosen by nomination only.

Amount Description

Fellowship benefits include round-trip airfare, housing at the Hans Arnhold Center, partial board, and a stipend of $5,000 per month. Fellows are expected to be in residence at the Academy during the entire term of the award, generally one academic semester.

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Duke Awardees

  • David Horowitz, Law (Spring 2013)
  • Claudia Koontz, History (Spring 2005-6, Haniel Berlin Prize)
  • Ralf Michaels, Law (Fall 2005-6, Lloyd Cutler Berlin Prize)
  • Paul Carrington, Law (Fall 2003-4, Bosch Berlin Prize in Public Policy)
  • Katherine Pratt Ewing, Cultural Anthropology (Fall 1999-2000, Berlin Prize Fellowship)




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External Deadline

September 29, 2023