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Posted: 3/5/2024

Biodegradable micro-encapsulation of active ingredients

BASF is an industry leading chemicals company creating solutions for a sustainable future. The company is seeking biodegradable micro-encapsulation technologies for active ingredients.  

BASF is particularly interested in non-microplastic core / shell particles to encapsulate hydrophobic active ingredients, where microplastic is solid particle >1 nm containing a non-biodegradable polymer.  

Scientific challenges associated with developing a biodegradable capsule with extended release include lack of methods to adjust tightness of capsules without compromising of biodegradability. Conventional approaches, such as capsule size, shell wall thickness, shell wall polymer MW, may impact capsule tightness to less extend as desired, while chemical bonding through crosslinking (most effective way) may eventually compromise polymer biodegradability. Additionally, it is difficult to achieve desired capsule size (e.g., around 2 micron), which poses potential commercialization limitations, such as product shelf life and drone applicability.

BASF is seeking a biodegradable encapsulation material for hydrophobic active ingredients. Core-shell morphologies are of high interest, but relevant matrix capsules and other morphologies will be considered.

Deadline: April 30, 2024

Amount Description

We will screen the potential ideas and depending on the maturity level, set up a sponsored research collaboration (typically $50k-$150k for a one-year collaboration).

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