Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science -- Theme: The Physics of Soft Matter: Self-Assembling, Responsive, Smart

Funding Agency:
Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute seeks nominations for the 2024 Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science of individuals who have made significant contributions to understanding the unique properties of soft matter or to the development of applications utilizing soft matter. 

Nominations should recognize contributions with broad impact centered on the physics of soft matter, including interdisciplinary work in which the physics of soft matter plays a central role. Nominations may be for fundamental or application-oriented science, whether theoretical, experimental, or computational in nature. Nominations are encouraged in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Polymers; emulsions; liquid crystals; colloidal liquids, crystals, and glasses
  • Elastomers, gels, foams, granular systems
  • Living matter, far-from-equilibrium systems, active matter
  • Technological advances based on the properties of soft matter
  • Measurement paradigms using soft materials and soft matter concepts

Nominations should clearly indicate the scientific significance—innovative, technical, conceptual—and the societal/economic impact of the nominee’s work.


  • Notice of intent to nominate is encouraged: Feb. 28, 2023
  • Complete Nomination: March 31, 2023

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Eligibility Requirements

  • This is an international competition for individuals who have made significant scientific or engineering contributions that improve the safety, sustainability, and resilience of civil infrastructure.

  • This award and prize must be presented to an individual, as specified by the will of Henry Bower.

  • Candidates must be living, and the winner will be expected to participate in The Franklin Institute Awards Week programs, to be held in April 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

  • Nominations from any individual or organization will be accepted, including self-nominations.

  • Nominations of candidates traditionally underrepresented in science and engineering are particularly encouraged.



Funding Type





Engineering and Physical Sciences

External Deadline

March 31, 2023