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Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigation

The NSF Science and Technology Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations (C-DEBI) invites proposals for 1-year research projects (in the anticipated range of $50,000-$80,000) and 1-2 year graduate student and postdoctoral fellowships that will significantly advance C-DEBI’s central research agenda: to investigate the subseafloor biosphere deep in marine sediment and oceanic crust, and to conduct multi-disciplinary studies to develop an integrated understanding of subseafloor microbial life at the molecular, cellular, and ecosystem scales. C-DEBI’s research agenda balances exploration-based discovery, hypothesis testing, data integration and synthesis, and systems-based modeling.

C-DEBI welcomes proposals from applicants who would enhance diversity in C-DEBI and STEM fields.

This request for proposals is open to all interested researchers at US institutions able to receive NSF funding as a subaward.

Deadline: Dec. 01, 2017

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Areas of Interest

C-DEBI seeks to support marine deep biosphere research concerning life in marine sediments and volcanic ocean crust. There are three central research themes:

  1. Fluxes, Connectivity, and Energy centers on subseafloor environmental conditions and processes
  2. Activities, Communities, and Ecosystems emphasizes resident microbial communities
  3. Metabolism, Survival, and Adaptation concentrates on the actions and traits of individual microbe species

Although proposals are not limited to these areas, successful proposals will clearly state how they will advance knowledge within these themes. C-DEBI also seeks to integrate across these themes and encourages knowledge transfer and collaboration between laboratories and institutions, and projects that emphasize synthesis of results from multiple settings or using a variety of tools.



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Grad/Prof Students
Post Doctoral Fellows
Women and minorities encouraged


Curriculum Development
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences

External Deadline

December 1, 2017