California National Primate Research Center -- Pilot Research Program

Funding Agency:
University of California, Davis

The CNPRC Pilot Research Program provides an administrative mechanism by which Principal Investigators in any discipline, and particularly those that are not closely related to the Center’s categorical Research Units, may have full opportunity to use the Center’s resources. This program serves as a resource to the entire biomedical research community, including regional, national and international researchers. The objectives of the program are to provide resources (including Core Scientist expertise) and facilities for primate research to Principal Investigators who are not CNPRC Core Scientists, and to provide the expertise to affiliates in all facets of the on-site portion of primate research.

Pilot research projects are to be used for generating preliminary data for submission of NIH grant proposals, with the goal of supporting new, extramurally-funded research utilizing nonhuman primate models of human disease. Proposals to the highly competitive program are evaluated for scientific merit (significance, approach, innovation) and likelihood of the project leading to a successful NIH grant application.

Deadline for LOI: March 10, 2023

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Areas of Interest

 For the 2023-2024 funding period, topics of special interest include:

• Studies that leverage samples available including archived biospecimens

• Informatics approaches using currently available data/datasets

• Impact of climate change on health

• Effects of social isolation on health

• Innovative approaches in nonhuman primate research with potential for high translational impact  

Eligibility Requirements

 Applicants must have Principal Investigator (PI) status from a federally recognized institution. Project scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and non-academic titles may not serve as PI on applications but can participate as co-investigators or trainees. Submissions from early-stage investigators new to nonhuman primate research are particularly encouraged. Please note that there is a limit of one Letter of Intent submission per PI.  

The proposed project must be planned and carried out in collaboration with a CNPRC Core Scientist who will be integrally involved in the design, coordination, and management of the project. Prospective applicants are urged to contact CNPRC Unit Leaders or other Core Scientists to discuss the project, gain a preliminary assessment of feasibility, and confirm alignment with the CNPRC mission. Prospective applicants may also contact the Associate Director of Research for assistance in identification of Core Scientist collaborators. See Inquiries, below, for contact information. 

Amount Description

The direct costs for a single research project must not exceed $50,000 and are limited to one year of support. Smaller pilot proposals ($20,000 to $30,000) are particularly encouraged to provide funding for a greater number of applications and investigators. In addition to funds provided by the Pilot Program, 3-5 animals may be included at no purchase or use fee cost as a part of the proposal. The number of animals will be dependent upon the study design and must be determined in consultation with the collaborating Core Scientist. All activities that involve nonhuman primates must be conducted on-site at the CNPRC.   

Funding Type



Junior Faculty


Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences
Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

March 10, 2023