Call for Collaborative Research Proposals in Integrative Organismal System as part of the NSF-BSF Program

Funding Agency:
U.S. – Israel Binational Science Foundation

As part of the NSF-BSF joint program, the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) invites collaborative research proposals in Integrative Organismal System (IOS), in the Biological Sciences Directorate at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF).

The Division of Integrative Organismal Systems (IOS) Core Programs support research aimed at understanding why organisms are structured the way they are and function as they do. Proposals are welcomed in all of the core scientific program areas supported by the Division of Integrative Organismal Systems (IOS) as well as cross-disciplinary programs as specified below. Areas of inquiry include, but are not limited to, developmental biology and the evolution of developmental processes, nervous system development, structure, modification, function, and evolution; biomechanics and functional morphology, physiological processes, symbioses and microbial interactions, interactions of organisms with biotic and abiotic environments, plant and animal genomics, and animal behavior. Proposals should focus on organisms as a fundamental unit of biological organization. Principal Investigators are encouraged to apply systems approaches that will lead to conceptual and theoretical insights and predictions about emergent organismal properties.

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Areas of Interest

Proposals are welcome in:

• Behavioral Systems

• Developmental Systems

• Neural Systems

• Physiological and Structural Systems

• Plant Biotic Interactions

• Plant Genome Research Program

• Organismal Response to Climate Change – This is a new, cross-disciplinary program with an upcoming deadline of March 1 2022 for NSF submissions, and March 7 for BSF submissions.

Eligibility Requirements

Applications must be developed and written jointly by a team of Israeli and U.S. scientists that hold academic appointments in their respective countries and are eligible to apply for external funding at organizations such as NSF and BSF.

The NSF accepts applications only from U.S. scientists and submission to the NSF-BSF program should be made only by the U.S. applicant. The proposal is recognized as an NSF-BSF application by adding the prefixed “NSF-BSF:” to the proposal title. The role of the Israeli applicant(s) and the nature of the collaboration must be described in the different sections of the proposal, e.g. sections with details of work plan, time line etc. Furthermore, it should be clearly explained why the contribution of the Israeli PI is critical to the success of the proposed study.

Amount Description

The award amount for the Israeli applicant is capped at a maximum of $80,000 per year for experimental programs and up to $55,000 per year for theoretical or computer-based research, subject to the availability of funds. If more than a single Israeli group is involved in the research, then the budget may be increased by up to 50%.

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