Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network (CISNET) (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Funding Agency:
National Institutes of Health

This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) is a continuation of Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network (CISNET - program. This FOA invites multiple PD/PI applications for collaborative research projects using simulation and other modeling techniques for specific cancer types (see below). The proposed research is expected to generate sophisticated, evidence-based decision tools that could inform international/national/regional/local decisions on the most efficient utilization of existing and emerging technologies and strategies for the control of cancer.

This FOA will support CISNET activities in a systematic manner across all four main phases of the translation process (i.e., T1 — initial discovery to health application; T2 — health application to evidence-based practice guidelines; T3 — practice guidelines to health practice; and T4 — health practice to population health impact). CISNET models proposed should provide a platform for evaluating the potential downstream consequences of decisions and strategies that are made in earlier phases. Applications of these models should provide effective tools for helping to optimize cancer-relevant decisions.


  • Letter of Intent Due Date(s): 30 days prior to the application due date.
  • Application Due Date(s): December 10, 2019

RFA-CA-19-054 Expiration Date December 11, 2019

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Areas of Interest


There are nine specific priority areas that are targeted by this FOA. Each application should provide coverage in as many of these areas as feasible and appropriate for the cancer type of interest. Nonetheless, these areas are listed as suggestive and are not mandatory, i.e., applicants could exclude areas that are less appropriate for a particular cancer type, and are encouraged to add different areas that are more germane.

Area 1) Precision Screening and New Screening Technologies;

Area 2) Precision Treatment;

Area 3) Overdiagnosis and Active Surveillance;

Area 4) Decision Aids (Individual and Policy);

Area 5) Understanding Screening in Real-World Settings and Determining the Best Routes to Optimize the Processes;

Area 6) State, Local, and International Cancer Control Planning;

Area 7) Suggesting Optimal Routes to Reduce Health Disparities;

Area 8) Methods Development;

Area 9) Cancer-Type Specific Opportunities.

    Eligibility Requirements

    For this FOA, applicants are required to designate multiple PDs/PIs. One of the PDs/PIs should be responsible for the Coordinating Center, other PDs/PIs are expected to be responsible for individual modeling groups. Other arrangements may also be proposed, if justified. For example, a PD/PI responsible for the Coordinating Center may also lead one of the modeling groups.

    It is expected, although not required, that the contact PD/PI will be the same person as the PD/PI responsible for the Coordinating Center. (The Coordinating Center will generally be located at the institution submitting the CISNET application in response to this FOA.) The PD/PI responsible for the Coordinating Center may also be responsible for a Modeling Group.



      Amount Description

      An applicant may request a budget of up to $1.33 million in direct costs per year.

      Because the nature and scope of the proposed research will vary from application to application, it is anticipated that the maximal allowable budget will be requested only in case of particularly comprehensive approaches and applications proposing six or more modeling groups.

      A project period of up to five years may be proposed.

          Funding Type





          Engineering and Physical Sciences
          Medical - Basic Science
          Medical - Clinical Science
          Medical - Translational

          External Deadline

          December 10, 2019