Career development and transition funding

Funding Agency:
Open Philanthropy

This program aims to provide support – in the form of funding for graduate study, unpaid internships, self-study, career transition and exploration periods, and other activities relevant to building career capital – for individuals at any career stage who want to pursue careers that could help to reduce global catastrophic risks or otherwise improve the long-term future.

We’re especially interested in supporting individuals who want to pursue careers that are in some way related to mitigating potential risks posed by future advances in artificial intelligence or global catastrophic biological risks.

Applications are open until further notice and will be assessed on a rolling basis.

Generally speaking, we aim to review proposals within 6 weeks of receiving them, although this may not prove possible for all applications. Candidates who require more timely decisions can indicate this in their application forms, and we may be able to expedite the decision process in such cases.


Grad/Prof Students
Junior Faculty
Post Doctoral Fellows


Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences
Social Sciences