Career Pathway to Independence in Blood Science Award for Physician Scientists (K99/R00 Independent Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Funding Agency:
National Institutes of Health

The purpose of the NHLBI Career Pathway to Independence in Blood Science Award for Physician Scientists (K99) is to increase and maintain a strong cohort of new and talented, NHLBI supported, independent investigators in blood science. This program is designed to facilitate a timely transition of outstanding blood science researchers with a clinical doctorate degree from mentored research positions to independent, tenure-track or equivalent faculty positions.

This K99 award is intended for individuals who require at least three and up to five years of mentored research training and career development before transition to the R00 phase. At the conclusion of this K99, awardees are expected to continue research activity with support from a separate NHLBI-funded FOA, the Physician Scientist Transition to Independence in Blood Science Research (R00 - Clinical Trial Optional), described in NOT-HL-18-657, which will require updated research plans and a limited competition review.

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is designed specifically for applicants proposing research that does not involve leading an independent clinical trial, a clinical trial feasibility study, or a separate ancillary clinical trial. Applicants to this FOA are permitted to propose research experience in a clinical trial led by a mentor or co-mentor. Applicants proposing a clinical trial, or a separate ancillary clinical trial as lead investigator, should apply to the companion FOA (RFA-HL-20-002).


  • Application Due Date(s): March 1, 2019; March 2, 2020
  • AIDS Application Due Date(s): May 8, 2019; May 8, 2020

RFA-HL-20-001 Expiration Date May 8, 2020

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Eligibility Requirements

Current and former PDs/PIs on NIH research project (R01), program project (P01), center grants (P50), sub-projects of program project (P01), sub-projects of center grants (P50), other major individual career development awards (e.g., K01, K07, K08, K22, K23, K25, K76, K99/R00), or the equivalent are not eligible. Current and former PDs/PIs of an NIH Small Grant (R03), Exploratory/Developmental Grant (R21), Dissertation Award (R36), or SBIR/STTR (R41, R42, R43, R44) remain eligible. PD/PIs of Transition Scholar (K38) awards and individuals appointed to institutional K programs (K12, KL2) are eligible as long as their combined K38, K12, and KL2 funding does not exceed two years.

Candidates for this K99 award and transition to R00 award must have a health-professional doctoral degree. Such degrees include, but are not limited to, the MD, DO, MD/PhD, as well as MD-equivalent degrees. Candidates also must have completed their subspecialty training in hematology prior to receiving an award. However, candidates may submit an application prior to the completion of subspecialty training.

 The sponsoring institution may be private (profit or nonprofit) or public including eligible agencies of the Federal Government other than the NIH Intramural Program. NIH Intramural Programs are not eligible for either phase.

    Funding Type



    Medical Fellow/Resident
    Post Doctoral Fellows


    Medical - Basic Science
    Medical - Clinical Science
    Medical - Translational

    External Deadline

    March 1, 2019