Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 10/4/2023

Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowship

Purpose: To foster the development of the next generation of medical researchers.

The Opportunity: Financial support for research to be conducted either during a continual period of a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks; 30 hours or more per week, or an average of 4 hours per week for 12 months over a period of 1 to 2 years, for clinical investigation, basic laboratory research, epidemiology, social science/health services research, leadership, or professionalism. Funds from the fellowship are expected to be the major source of support for the student. Only one candidate from each school may be nominated. A student may only receive one fellowship during medical school. This fellowship program honors Carolyn L. Kuckein, long-time administrator of AΩA and an honorary member of the society, who died in 2004.

Proposals first must be submitted to the student’s Chapter Councilor for review and consideration. Each Chapter Councilor may set his/her deadline for submission. The final application must be submitted online through the AΩA website. Councilors and their selection committees will select one proposal for submission. 

Deadline: Jan. 23, 2024

Eligibility Requirements

First-, second-, and third-year medical students from schools with active AΩA Chapters, or Associations, are eligible.  Students must be actively enrolled in medical school classes.   Students taking a year off for research or to gain a PhD are not eligible.  MD/PhD holders are not eligible but are encouraged to apply for the AΩA Post Graduate Fellowship.

Only one candidate from each school may be nominated. Councilors and their selection committees will select one proposal for submission. 

Amount Description

$6,000, of which $2,500 will be paid on announcement of the award, and $2,500 will be paid after receipt and approval of the final research report.

In addition, each student will be reimbursed a maximum of $1,000 to cover travel expenses related to the presentation of their Fellowship research results at a national meeting or conference that takes place within one year of distribution of the final check. Within 60 days following the travel, students will need to complete and submit the reimbursement form found on AΩA’s website along with a copy of the conference registration form or agenda and all related receipts.

Funding Type