Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 5/26/2022

Cause Exploration Prizes

Open Philanthropy has launched the Cause Exploration Prizes to find ideas for the best ways to use our resources. We invite you to suggest a new area for us to support, or respond to our suggested questions on health, development, or worldview investigations. We are most interested in responses to the "new area” prompt.

The closing date for submissions is Thursday, August 4, 2022, at 11 pm PDT. We are giving participation awards of $200 to the first two hundred good-faith submissions, so we encourage you to submit sooner rather than later.

Areas of Interest

What are the eligible topics?

We’re most interested in responses to our open prompt: “What new cause area should Open Philanthropy consider funding?”

However, our other prompts are equally eligible for prizes, and may be especially interesting to people with prior knowledge in a relevant area. These include questions on health, development, and worldview investigations.