Center for Brain Metastasis -- Translating Duke Health Call for Proposals : Neuroscience [Duke Internal Funding -- For Duke Faculty Only]

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Duke University

Duke Health is pleased to announce its first Translating Duke Health call for proposals for high risk/high impact research in the area of the brain and disease. This RFP is focused on basic biology, translational or neuroengineering projects, or population health. This RFP is designed to identify, and eventually support, truly innovative approaches related to the Translating Duke Health’s focus on “Brain Resilience and Repair”.

Translating Duke Health is one of the signature programs animating Advancing Health Together, our Duke Health Strategic Planning Framework. Translating Duke Health is a multiyear, multidisciplinary program to capitalize on our collective strengths in research, clinical care and population health to address major health challenges. Additional information about Translating Duke Health is available at

For this call, we are focusing on projects that would have impact in the interval between the molecular onset of disease and the appearance of symptoms. We will emphasize new approaches that could bear on understanding disease mechanisms, allowing earlier disease diagnosis, and prevention or cure either through (1) enhancements of brain resilience, (2) improved brain repair, or (3) other novel interventions. 

We are particularly interested in proposals that would build new collaborations and/or new teams and might lead to extended productive (and NIH-funded) collaborations. 

We plan to make zero to two multi-year awards with a total budget of up to $500,000.

Deadline: Nov. 30, 2017

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Medical - Basic Science
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November 30, 2017