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Posted: 4/12/2024

Cerebrovascular Research Grant Awards

The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation (TAAF) seeks applications for scientific research projects that will significantly move the field forward toward effective understanding of the mechanisms of cerebrovascular disease as they relate to aneurysms, AVMs and complex vascular malformations. The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation Grants respond to the cerebrovascular community's need for projects that highlight innovative research strategies that will support the development of novel therapies, clinical management and recovery for adult and/or pediatric patients.  Awards will be granted at a maximum of $25,000 to each selected recipient. Funds will not be granted for indirect costs. The award is open to all levels of investigators.  Grant recipients will present their research at TAAF’s Annual Meeting (which historically has been TAAF’s Annual Aneurysm and AVM Awareness Walk in September). The specific meeting date and location will be announced later. Grant awardees or an appropriate representative must attend the Annual Meeting and present results of funded research.

Deadline: May 31, 2024

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals involved in basic science, clinical care and epidemiological studies may submit applications. Currently, we are only accepting applications from investigators from the United States and Canada.  Past TAAF grant recipients may apply. Scientific Advisory Council members may apply. In addition, TAAF may solicit applications. The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation requires full and timely disclosure regarding potential financial and/or intellectual overlap with other grant applications and/or other funded projects. The required disclosure will not affect a grant's scientific review or consideration. As TAAF does not provide overlapping funds, receipt of an overlapping grant award will impact the level of funding awarded. However, TAAF will provide the maximum benefit possible. Failure to disclose the required information in a timely manner will result in an administrative disqualification of an application or the withdrawal of a grant award.

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