CESU -- Invasive and Exotic Plant Species Survey and Control Method Evaluation at Townsend Bombing Range, Georgia

Funding Agency:
Department of the Interior

Townsend Bombing Range (TBR), which is owned and managed by Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort (MCAS), currently consists of approximately 35,000 acres. Prior to 2015, much of this property was owned and managed by timber companies for the mass production of loblolly pine. MCAS continues to manage the forest stands, but with an ecosystem management approach. An Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP) was signed for TBR in 2016 to help guide the land use while preserving the military mission. One of the goals of the INRMP is to identify the invasive and exotic species present on TBR, maintain a register of their locations, and develop and implement a control plan.

This project will survey for invasive and exotic plant species on TBR and develop a management plan to control these species in order to sustain the military mission, preserve ecosystem integrity, and promote healthy forest stands.


Deadline for Statements of Interest: 2 September, 2021

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Environmental & Life Sciences

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September 2, 2021