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Posted: 4/18/2022

Cleaner Air and Better Health (CABH)

NOTE: This is a Forecasted Opportunity.


USAID/India anticipates awarding a five-year Cooperative Agreement (CA) to support the Government of India (GOI) to address air pollution and its health impacts. The CA will support an organization, or consortium of organizations with one legal entity as primary lead, to strengthen air pollution mitigation and exposure reduction systems in selected regions of India, contributing to a cleaner environment and healthier population.

USAID/ India is looking to address the following two objectives through the Cleaner Air and Better Health (CABH) activity: 

1. Improve air pollution mitigation: This objective is grounded in the notion that a combination of tools, ranging from improved governance and complementary market-based approaches, to behavior change at the community and individual level, to the use of cleaner energy and abatement technologies, can help mitigate air pollution.;

2. Reduce exposure to air pollution: This objective recognizes that a combination of approaches is needed to reduce exposure to air pollution, from individual behavioral change to the improvement of indoor air quality. It recognizes the need for additional evidence of what health interventions may be successful for reducing exposure, such as the effective use of health practitioners as channels for influencing behavioral change.