Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 4/12/2024

Clinical and Translational Science Award (UM1 Clinical Trial Optional)

This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) invites applications for the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program hubs that will be part of a national, collaborative consortium focused on bringing more treatments to more patients more quickly through advancing clinical and translational science (CTS) by (1) developing, demonstrating, and disseminating scientific and operational innovations that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical translation from identification to first-in-human studies to medical practice implementation to community health dissemination; (2) promoting partnerships and collaborations to facilitate and accelerate translational research projects locally, regionally, and nationally; (3) creating, providing, and disseminating innovative research programs and partnerships across institutions and communities to address health disparities and deliver the benefits of translational science to all; (4) creating and implementing scientific and operational innovations that increase the quality, safety, efficiency, effectiveness, and informativeness of clinical research; (5) providing a national resource for the rapid response to urgent public health needs; and (6) creating, providing, and disseminating CTS training for clinical research professionals of all disciplines on the research team.

Along with this solicitation for the UM1 CTSA hub application, NCATS plans to publish a separate, companion FOA that solicits applications for a required K12 Clinical Scientist Institutional Career Development Program Award (NOT-TR-21-030) ); both a UM1 hub application and the required K12 application must be submitted. If there is no companion K12 application submitted, the UM1 hub application will not be reviewed. However, if the UM1 application is funded and the companion K12 application is not funded, a resubmitted K12 application will be accepted. Additional companion FOAs solicit applications for optional training, career, and research education programs.


  • Letter of Intent Due Date(s): 30 days before the application due date

  • Application Due Dates: Jan 26, 2022; May 13, 2022; Sep 16, 2022; Jan 13, 2023; May 12, 2023; Sep 15, 2023; Jan 12, 2024; May 17, 2024; Sep 13, 2024

PAR-21-293 Expiration Date September 14, 2024

Eligibility Requirements

The CTSA application may include domestic institutions of higher education, universities, medical research institutions / academic health centers, or non-profit research organizations other than institutions of higher education that conduct clinical and translational research; however, a graduate school accredited to award higher degrees related to clinical or translational science (e.g., M.S. or Ph.D. in topics such as Clinical Research, Public Health, Pharmacology, Nursing, Informatics, Health Economics, or Epidemiology) must be included (applicant or partnering institution). Partnerships are encouraged among various disciplines including medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, osteopathy, public health, engineering and others. Organizations with active grants funded under FOAs PAR-15-304PAR-18-464 PAR-18-940 that have more than 16 months of support remaining on the day of the submission deadline are not eligible to apply. NCATS encourages multiple institutions to participate in a single hub application, where this may further advance the goals of the program. A single contact institution would receive and administer the award.

For the purposes of this FOA, NIH funding to the Partner/Partnering Institution must be included for determination of maximum direct cost budget requests. Partner/Partnering Institution(s) must be effectively integrated into the proposed activities of the CTSA UM1 hub and are necessary for attaining its strategic goals and research priorities. An organization named as Partner/Partnering Institution in a CTSA UM1 application (and subsequent UM1 award), or a CTSA UL1 award funded previously under PAR-18-940PAR-18-464 or PAR-15-304 may be listed as a Partner with only one UM1 or UL1 unless the UM1 and UL1 are from the same organization.

An organization named as a Partner Institution in a CTSA UM1 application, UM1 award, or a CTSA UL1 award funded previously under PAR-18-940PAR-18-464 or PAR-15-304, may not apply as an applicant organization to PAR-21-293 under the following scenarios:

  • While the UM1 or U54 application on which they are listed as a Partner is under review consideration
  • While the UM1 or U54 application on which they are listed as a Partner is under consideration for funding
  • While the UM1 or UL1 award on which they are listed as a Partner is funded

CTSA UM1 applications from organizations named as a Partner Institution in a funded CTSA UM1 or CTSA UL1 award are not allowed, except under rare circumstances with compelling justification.