Clinical Observational (CO) Studies in Musculoskeletal, Rheumatic, and Skin Diseases (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Funding Agency:
National Institutes of Health

 This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to encourage Research Project Grant (R01) applications to pursue clinical observational (CO) studies to obtain data necessary for designing clinical studies for musculoskeletal, rheumatic, or skin diseases or conditions. A future clinical study may include a clinical trial or an observational study.  Research data from observational studies supported by this FOA can enhance clinical study design by providing essential information about disease symptoms, stages and timing of disease progression, comorbid conditions, availability of potential research participants, and outcomes that are important to patients. They also can facilitate efforts to develop and/or validate objective biomarkers or subjective outcome measures for use in a future clinical study. Applicants to this FOA are encouraged to propose studies that address significant obstacles or questions in the design of a clinical project, such as determining the appropriate primary or secondary outcome measures, or identifying the stages of disease during which patients are most likely to respond to an intervention. Only observational studies will be supported through this FOA.

Application Due Date(s): 

July 2, 2018; November 2, 2018,

March 4, 2019, July 2, 2019; November 4, 2019

March 3, 2020, July 2, 2020, November 3, 2020

PAR-18-597 Expiration Date November 4, 2020

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Amount Description

 Direct costs are limited to $450,000 over the three-year period (exclusive of consortium/subcontractual Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs) with no more than $225,000 in any single year.    

Funding Type





Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science

External Deadline

March 3, 2020