Co-Lab Innovation Grants Program [Duke Internal Funding -- Restricted to Duke Students Only]

Funding Agency:
Duke University

The goal of the Co-Lab is to encourage and support students who want to build the next generation technology that will power Duke for years to come. Instead of incentivizing action through challenges where the reward and adoption is never guaranteed, we want to work with you directly, one-on-one, to develop your project, from start to distribution.

Students with an idea will complete an application outlining a project that has benefit to the Duke Community through innovative use of technology. This application will include details like project timeline, team members, resources required, technical/expert assistance required, as well as a stipend request. Stipends will be commensurate with project scope and complexity, experience, team size, materials cost and project duration. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and reviewed by the Co-Lab. After review, applications can either be accepted, returned for additional information or revisions, or declined.

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Grad/Prof Students


Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences