Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 8/31/2023

Collaborative Care Grant for Nurses and Pharmacists

Created by a partnership between the ASHP Foundation and the American Nurses Foundation, this grant program aims to stimulate patient-centered interprofessional health services research that demonstrates meaningful outcomes. 

This joint endeavor supports innovative projects, co-led by nursing and pharmacy, to stimulate and demonstrate the impact of team-based care that enhances the safe and effective use of medications. 

  • Innovating or evaluating new services or technologies to minimize barriers to care for populations such as at-risk or complex patients from underserved communities, or individuals who are elderly, have comorbidities or require chronic care. 
  • Focusing on complex systems and processes (e.g., emergency departments), transitions of care, continuums of care, preventative care.
  • Priority to be given to research that measures teamwork and meaningful outcomes, such as decreased patient harm, increased patient involvement in care, reduced hospital admissions/readmissions, and improved quality of life.

Deadline: Dec. 10, 2023

Eligibility Requirements

The research team to be co-led by a pharmacist and nurse, serving as co-principal investigators.

Funding Type