Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 6/22/2023


Emily’s Entourage’s (EE) Collaborative Grants support research projects that bring together multiple investigators with diverse areas of expertise to jointly tackle challenges in the development of therapeutics for individuals in the final 10% of the Cystic Fibrosis community who do not benefit from CFTR modulators, including those with rare and nonsense mutations. 

These grants are awarded to teams of three or more investigators with complementary expertise to advance therapeutic development in ways that could not be achieved without a collaborative approach. The funding amount is determined by the project scope and budget. Applicants may request funding to support the project for a total of three years.

  • Translational and preclinical projects are eligible. The project must seek to address an overarching, urgent scientific question. Sub-projects should be designed to elucidate various aspects of the overarching question, theme, or focus. 
  • Projects must include evidence that the proposed therapeutic modality works (either in a cell-based assay or in an animal model or in another suitable system).
  • Proposed projects must not be supported by other sources of funding.

LOIs are due by September 15, 2023.

Eligibility Requirements

Institutional Eligibility 

  • Open to both non-profit academic and for-profit organizations such as academic research organizations, biotech companies, partnerships that span for and non-profit organizations, etc. 
  • Open to institutions worldwide. 
  • Teams may comprise investigators from a single institution or multiple institutions.

Investigator Eligibility

  • There are no restrictions on citizenship or geography. 

Team Composition 

  • Teams must be composed of one Principle Investigator (PI) and 2-4 co-PIs. PI serves as the single point of contact with EE during the application process.
  • Inter-institutional collaborations are strongly encouraged. 
  • Each lab receives at least 10% of the total grant budget. 
Funding Type