Command and control Applications for the Decisive Edge Comman, Power & Integration (CP&I) Directorate

Funding Agency:
Department of the Army

The U.S. Army CERDEC CP&I Directorate has the mission of research, design, development, initial acquisition, integration, demonstration, and testing of a variety of experimental, inventory, commercial-off-the-shelf and other electronic Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems for a variety of Army missions.

The goal is to support CERDEC's Strategic Thrust for Battlefield Technology Application by providing technical and operational capabilities that makes the planning and execution of battlefield operations as responsive, flexible, and successful as other aspects of U.S. Warfighting. Proposed technical approaches may apply to operations both before and after the cessation of hostilities. This announcement emphasizes approaches that address the very different challenges presented by urban fighting and dramatically enhance war fighter capabilities; for example, the ability to interact, maneuver, and operate under a time constrained environment. These changes should generally result in lower casualties, lower collateral damage, and the effective use of combat power.

The specific topics of interest revolve around the research and development of technologies may provide revolutionary improvements to the entire spectrum of Cloud Computing, Cognitive Technology and Decision Enhancing Technology.

Deadline: Feb. 16, 2017

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Engineering and Physical Sciences

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February 16, 2017