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Posted: 4/18/2022

Community Violence Prevention: Putting Communities First - Safer Communities and Saving Lives

NOTE: This is a Forecasted Opportunity.

Community Violence (CV) can be prevented by meeting communities where they are and working with them to determine needs and priorities for prevention. This involves creating an infrastructure that supports a comprehensive approach based on scaling up existing CV efforts while also implementing proven programs, policies and practices that have immediate and long-lasting impacts to stem current violence and prevent future violence from occurring. Specifically, this program will fund up to 50 community-driven collaborative applicants to build and increase local CV capacity and support funded recipients to establish a community-driven prevention system that works with community organizations, local communities and affected populations, and multisector partners to prevent violence.



Estimated Post Date: Apr 05, 2022 Estimated Application Due Date: Jun 04, 2022
Eligibility Requirements

This NOFO will fund up to 50 community-driven collaborative applicants . A community collaborative is a group of community organizations and local partners working directly in the community to prevent violence. Each community-driven collaborative would identify one lead organization (e.g., mayor’s office, non-profit, tribal org, local health department) that will apply on their behalf.

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