Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) -- Spinal Cord Injury Research Program (SCIRP) -- Clinical Research Development Award

Funding Agency:
Department of Defense

The SCIRP Clinical Research Development Award (CRDA) mechanism was first offered in FY16. Since then, 14 CRDA applications have been received, and two have been recommended for funding.

The FY17 SCIRP CRDA is intended to support planning and development activities necessary to initiate a future clinical study with the potential to have a significant impact on SCIs. The future study to be developed through the CRDA may be clinical research or a clinical trial (as defined, below). The FY17 SCIRP CRDA also encourages the inclusion of junior investigators on the research team.

Relevance of the research to military and/or Veteran populations affected by SCI is a key element of this award mechanism. Collaboration with military or VA researchers and clinicians is highly encouraged. Inclusion of active duty military or Veteran populations is very highly encouraged. If the research will involve other populations, the relevance to the military or Veteran populations and the rationale for the inclusion of the other populations must be clearly articulated by the applicant.

SCIRP CRDA recipients are expected to be ready to apply for advanced funding in the program year following completion of their CRDA and are encouraged to apply for future SCIRP funding through an appropriate FY19 or FY20 SCIRP Program Announcement, if offered. Release of FY19 or FY20 SCIRP Program Announcements and any subsequent awards will be contingent upon the availability of Federal funds for the program and competitive selection. Award of an FY17 SCIRP CRDA is in no way an assurance of funding for a future SCIRP award(s).


  • Pre-Application Deadline:   August 8, 2017
  • Invitation to Submit an Application: September, 2017
  • Application Submission Deadline:  November 29, 2017

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Areas of Interest

The FY17 SCIRP encourages applications that specifically address one or more of the following areas:

• Pre-hospital, prolonged field care, en route care, and early hospital management of SCI

• Development, validation, and timing of promising interventions to address consequences of SCI and to improve recovery, including, but not limited to: ○ Bladder, bowel, and autonomic dysfunction ○ Cardiometabolic dysfunction ○ Neuropathic pain and sensory dysfunction ○ Pressure ulcers ○ Respiratory dysfunction ○ Sexual dysfunction ○ Depression in the early period after injury

• Identification and validation of best practices in SCI care throughout the lifetime of the individual, including, but not limited to: ○ Critical care interventions ○ Interventions for musculoskeletal health ○ Rehabilitation interventions, including activity-based, physical, or occupational therapies ○ Surgical interventions ○ Psychosocial and behavioral interventions in military/Veteran populations

Eligibility Requirements

: Independent investigators at all academic levels (or equivalent) are eligible to submit applications. An eligible PI, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or citizenship status, must be employed by, or affiliated with, an eligible organization.



Amount Description

The anticipated direct costs budgeted for the entire period of performance for an FY17 SCIRP CRDA will not exceed $100,000. Refer to Section II.D.5, Funding Restrictions, for detailed funding information. 

Funding Type



Junior Faculty
Medical Fellow/Resident
Post Doctoral Fellows


Medical - Clinical Science

External Deadline

August 8, 2017