Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs -- Chronic Pain Management Research Program -- Translational Research Award

Funding Agency:
Department of Defense

The intent of the FY20 CPMRP TRA is to support translational research that will accelerate the movement of evidence-based ideas in chronic pain management research into clinical applications, such as healthcare products, technologies, clinical practice guidelines, and/or models of care. TRA applications should explain how the proposed work will inform the development, refinement, and/or revision of existing standards of care, recommendations, or guidelines for managing chronic pain. Studies evaluating opioid-based therapeutic interventions are not allowed.


  • Pre-Application Deadline:   Aug. 7, 2020
  • Invitation to Submit an Application: Sep. 2020
  • Application Submission Deadline:  Nov. 6, 2020

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Areas of Interest

To meet the intent of the award mechanism, applications must address one or both of the following FY20 CPMRP Translational Research Award (TRA) Focus Areas. Selection of the appropriate Focus Area is the responsibility of the applicant. Research proposed should focus on efficacious interventions only.

• Implementation Science (for evidence-based, efficacious interventions to manage chronic pain) o Unique barriers for delivery of complementary and integrative health therapies and models of care in military populations and environments, including at-risk subpopulations o Self-management and service-of-care models

• Comparative Effectiveness (for evidence-based, efficacious interventions to manage chronic pain) o Multimodal and combination therapies o Chronic pain and its bi-directional interactions with comorbidities (e.g., polytrauma triad, suicidal thoughts and behaviors, substance abuse, etc.)

Additionally, the incorporation of the following into the proposed research approaches is encouraged but not required: • Pain informatics • Pragmatic approaches • Patient expectations, preference, and goals of treatment at point of care • Multiple ecological levels and stakeholder engagement in study designs with human participants • Chronic pain conditions with high prevalence in military populations • Established models of pain assessment that include pain interference in emotional and physical functioning

Eligibility Requirements

Investigators at or above the level of Assistant Professor (or equivalent) may be named by the organization as the PI on the application An eligible PI, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or citizenship status, must be employed by, or affiliated with, an eligible organization.



Amount Description

The anticipated direct costs budgeted for the entire period of performance for an FY20 CPMRP TRA will not exceed $1.4M. Refer to Section II.D.5, Funding Restrictions, for detailed funding information.

Funding Type



Junior Faculty


Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

August 7, 2020