Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs -- Joint Warfighter Medical Research Program -- Military Medical Research and Development Award

Funding Agency:
Department of Defense

Applications to the FY23 JWMRP MMRDA are being solicited by the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA) using delegated authority provided by 10 USC 4001. The execution management agent for this BAA is the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) at the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC).

The MMRDA mechanism is intended to fund the logical continuation of previously funded, prior year research or development efforts relevant to the above FY23 JWMRP Focus Areas with the highest potential to augment and accelerate medical product development and health care solutions for military Service Members, Veterans, their families, other MHS beneficiaries, and/or the American public. The USAMRDC will implement this research program through the awarding of assistance agreements (grants and cooperative agreements), research contracts, or Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs). All invited applicants must submit full applications in accordance with the procedures outlined in this funding opportunity announcement. Collaboration with DOD organizations is encouraged when this alliance would contribute to the success of the research effort, and any funds designated for DOD laboratories or activities should be identified in the application through submission of a “Suggested Collaborating DOD Military Facility Budget Format,” Attachment 15.

The MMRDA mechanism supports a wide range of research projects, spanning late-stage preclinical studies, late-state technology development efforts, technology demonstration, and translational research.


• Required Pre-Application Deadline: June 15, 2023
• Invitation to Submit an Application: July 2023
• Application Submission Deadline: September 7, 2023

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Areas of Interest

The JWMRP Programmatic Panel identified the following Focus Areas as the highest priorities for FY23 JWMRP funding to meet critical research and development gaps and Service medical requirements. To be considered for funding, applications to the FY23 JWMRP must address at least one of the Focus Areas listed under the categories below:

  • Endemic and Emerging Disease Threats
  • Operational Medicine and Readiness
  • Environmental Medicine
  • Combat Casualty Care

Eligibility Requirements

Independent investigators at all academic levels (or equivalent) are eligible to be named by the organization as the PI in the application. There are no limitations on the number of applications for which an investigator may be named as a PI. An eligible PI, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or citizenship status, must be employed by, or affiliated with, an eligible organization.

Amount Description

The anticipated total costs budgeted for the entire period of performance for an FY23 JWMRP MMRDA should not exceed $2,300,000, or $3,500,000 for the MMRDA–CRTO. Refer to Section II.D.6, Funding Restrictions, for detailed funding information.

Funding Type



Junior Faculty
Medical Fellow/Resident
Post Doctoral Fellows


Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

June 15, 2023