Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs -- Psychological Health/Traumatic Brain Injury Research Program -- Complex Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Research Clinical Research Award

Funding Agency:
Department of Defense

The FY19 PH/TBIRP CTRR-CRA is intended to support clinical research focused on understanding the clinical sequelae and mechanisms of recovery associated with mTBI and TBIrelated cognitive, sensory, and motor performances. The overarching goals of this award are to address TBI-related impairments and deficits, including multi-modal and cognitive dysfunction, to (1) develop and validate rehabilitation outcome measures; (2) systematically analyze standard of care cognitive interventions to identify optimal treatment ingredients; and (3) improve clinician-driven assessment strategies to guide RTD decision-making. 

The FY19 PH/TBIRP CTRR-CRA seeks research to develop and validate novel outcome measures that will characterize and track functional cognitive, sensory, and motor performance deficit in Service members and relevant populations with cognitive dysfunction following TBI; and to identify key treatment approaches to optimize cognitive rehabilitation following TBI, as consistent with the mission of the JPC-8/CRMRP.

The FY19 PH/TBIRP CTRR-CRA mechanism supports applied and translational clinical research to advance the development of knowledge and materiel products for rehabilitation and restoration of function following TBI. Applicants should explain how their work will inform the development, refinement, and/or revision of existing standards of care, clinical recommendations, or guidelines. 


• Required Pre-Application Deadline: September 10, 2019
• Invitation to Submit an Application: October 2019
• Application Submission Deadline: December 2, 2019

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Areas of Interest

Supported research should investigate effectiveness of rehabilitation in remediating postconcussive sequelae across the spectrum of known post-concussive vulnerabilities in the areas of post-traumatic dizziness, vestibular dysfunction, imbalance or dynamic instability; visual and oculomotor dysfunction; cognitive deficits (e.g., degraded processing speed, memory, or executive functioning); central auditory processing; and autonomic dysregulation. Solutions should integrate objective clinical findings in the following domains: cognitive performance, sensory function, and motor performance. 

Eligibility Requirements

Independent investigators at all academic levels (or equivalent) are eligible. An eligible PI, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or citizenship status, must be employed by, or affiliated with, an eligible organization.



Amount Description

The anticipated total costs budgeted for the entire period of performance for an FY19 PH/TBIRP CTRR-CRA will not exceed $2.0 million (M). Refer to Section II.D.5, Funding Restrictions, for detailed funding information.

Funding Type



Junior Faculty


Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

September 10, 2019