CONquer canCER Now Award

Funding Agency:
Concern Foundation

The Conquer Cancer Now Award is a $60,000 grant given to young and innovative cancer researchers focused on cancer genetics, cancer biology and cancer immunology. Approximately 20 researchers receive a $60,000 Conquer Cancer Now Award per year for the two-year grant cycle. 

The Concern Foundation is accepting LOI's between June 5th, 2019 through September 9th, 2019.
LOI's will not be accepted outside of this date range. This is a grant given every two years.

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Eligibility Requirements

Grants are awarded to independent investigators who are at the start of their scientific career (i.e., junior faculty) and are at the level of Assistant Professor (or equivalent with explanation). A letter from the applicant's Department Chair is required and should attest to 1) the applicant's faculty status, 2) the applicant's status as an independent investigator, 3) institutional support in terms of stand-alone laboratory space and startup funds, and 4) percent protected time devoted to research as junior faculty. This letter needs to accompany the initial Letter of Intent and (if selected) also uploaded with the full proposal. 

Priority is given to proposals from independent investigators who have yet to obtain significant funding for their work. Applicant who is PI on an existing R01 or equivalent is not eligible. Applicant who is notified prior to the full Concern grant submission deadline of a clearlyfundable score on an R01 or equivalent grant-in-review where he/she is PI is also not eligible. However, a submitted R01 that has not yet been reviewed at the time of Concern grant submission is eligible. If its score is not clearly fundable in this interim period, contact Concern to determine eligibility. 



Funding Type



Junior Faculty


Environmental & Life Sciences
Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

September 9, 2019