Cooperative Landscape Conservation and Science Support

Funding Agency:
US Fish and Wildlife Service

The USFWS uses a science-based, adaptive framework for setting and achieving cross-program conservation objectives that strategically address the problems fish and wildlife will face in the future. This framework, called Strategic Habitat Conservation, is based on the principles of adaptive management and uses population and habitat data, ecological models, and focused monitoring and assessment efforts to develop and implement strategies that result in measurable fish and wildlife population outcomes. In addition, by leveraging resources and strategically targeting science to inform conservation decisions and actions, Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) have created a network of partners working in unison to ensure the sustainability of America’s land, water, wildlife and cultural resources. Financial assistance may be awarded for science projects and LCC-prioritized biological planning, conservation design and adaptive management projects to include: research; inventory design and implementation; monitoring; goal and priority setting associated with efficient and effective conservation; development of implementation strategies; and projects supporting all other FWS organizational efforts, including planning, establishment maintenance, and general business operations.

Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated on a rolling basis subject to available funding.

Closing Date: Sep. 30, 2015

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Environmental & Life Sciences

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September 30, 2015